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February 17, 2016

Is it just us or is a good and good-for-you meal hard to come by when you really want one? (When we say good for you, we mean packed with things that your body needs to function well.) It was the whole idea behind our food bar — serve food that’s satisfying, nourishing, and easy to come by. We’re thrilled to see so many new, grab-and-go food spots opening up in Oklahoma City that emphasize fresh, real ingredients, served up as fast as our lives seem to be running these days. We know that it’s not always easy to make it to the downtown OKC area, but that’s not stopping us from making sure that you (and your body) get what you want and need.

In January we tried our hand at delivery, curating daily meals to nourish those who participated in the barre3 challenge. We loved getting out in the community, sharing our passion for food, and, of course, sharing our food. We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that we will be continuing delivery to all three barre3 locations!

And, hey! There’s more good news: Meal delivery is open to anyone and everyone in the community. Even if you don’t take classes at barre3, you can still pick up your meals at any of their locations.

Here’s how it works:

• Get signed up on our website with our easy-to-use form.
• Place orders by Saturdays at 5pm to receive meals the following week. (Orders can be placed on a weekly basis and can be made several weeks in advance.)
• Meal deliveries start Monday of each week and run through Friday. Choose between 1-5 days of ready-to-eat, natural, and nourishing food — whatever works best for you and your schedule.
• Meals will be delivered to three different hubs:

⁃ barre3 Edmond 10:15am delivery time
⁃ barre3 Classen Curve 12:15pm delivery time
⁃ barre3 Midtown 12:45 pm delivery time

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but, in our experience, what you eat for lunch can make or break the rest of your day. We’d love to help you make the most of those hours between lunch and dinner.

Meals will arrive at your drop-off location of choice ready to eat, but you can also save them for later. Stored in the refrigerator, your meals will be good for 2-3 days.

Order your meals now!

We can’t wait to bring you lunch, OKC!

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Here’s an update to include a word about the delivery menu and pricing:

The menu will change weekly — each day it will feature any combination of our hearty salads, soups, or sandwiches. The weekly menus will depend largely on what’s in season, and what we can get locally, so we will be creating them as we go along. We plan our menus with nutrient density and satisfaction in mind. There is a lot of color in our food. And a lot of food, too!

  • 1 meal per week for one week: $15
  • 2 meals per week for one week: $29
  • 3 meals per week for one week: $42
  • 4 meals per week for one week: $54
  • 5 meals per week for one week: $65

If there’s something we’ve left out that you’d like to know about, feel free to let us know! Email

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  • We own and operate Trinity Exercise Studio and will soon be launching Trinity Health & Wellness Center. We are interested in learning more about being a pickup site as well as possibly working with our Registered Dietitians for specific meal plans.

    Yours in Health,
    Kary Ott

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