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February 24, 2016

Today on the Nourished blog: some continuing thoughts and ideas about food habits.

I didn’t get into food or cooking until my mid-twenties — the same is true for Jamie — and cooking is a generous term considering the food we were learning about was uncooked (i.e. raw food). But I jumped in to it with hopeful enthusiasm, using words like Nutrient dense! Clean! Detox! and all the other words that have saturated the health-food world in the past few years.

These days, my once loud and passionate voice in the healthy-food arena has admittedly turned a bit more contemplative and careful.

I’m beginning to understand that my enthusiasm in the beginning came from all of the learning and discovering I was doing. When I opened my mind to a new way of approaching my health and wellbeing back in 2011, I filled every crevice of my brain with new ideas about food, my body, and how the two get along. Things felt, oh, I don’t know, electric as I started creating new habits and new ways of doing things. Gone were the days of setting yearly resolutions (i.e. things I wanted to change in my life), I set those bad boys every day. Change was no longer something that freaked me out or made me tired, but was something I ran towards. I wanted to feel better, and was willing to try anything to get me out of the place in which I found myself.

It wasn’t always easy, dealing with some of the side effects that come with changing habits I had built over the span and many, many years. But here I sit, roughly five years later, and taking care of my body with food is not even a thing anymore. It’s easy and intuitive and of course I eat more of this and not so much of that. I taught myself something that plenty of other people know how to do, and do well, for that matter — eating in a health-supportive way is nothing new. But, a few years ago it was new to me, and there are still a lot of people who don’t know what it means or how to go about doing it.

At the core, I changed a behavior that was stopping me from showing up in life the way I wanted to.

Day in and day out, millions of people deal with similar struggles — fighting their way through their days because of little more than the way they do and think about things. In other words, their thoughts and resulting habits create and/or exacerbate their struggles. Or at least a big part of them.

I have to admit that I feel funny writing this way. It reads very how-to and maybe even a bit self help-ish, and — don’t get me wrong, I love reading in this genre — who am I to write in it? But, this, dear reader, is what we need to be talking about. This is the conversation that needs to be had before any list of food rules or protocols are offered up or taken on.

This is the greatest lesson Jamie and I have learned since stepping onto this path: It’s hard to change your habits before you change your mind.

We want to hear your story: What’s something you’ve tried to change (in food or lifestyle), but can never quite get to a place that feels good to you? What are your sticky spots?

Let us know in the comments. 

XO and thanks for being here.


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